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If you are working in the field of mental health, it may be beneficial for you to become a member of the American College of Psychology Consultants.

You will have access to over 200 ONLINE MENTAL TESTS where your clients can be tested in your office.

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MentalTests.Com is the official home of the American College of Psychology Consultants (ACPC). With paid membership, a psychologist or clinical psychologist has access to over 200 mental tests. Each mental test is a psychological evaluation tool derived from published clinical psychology papers or recognised by the DSM-IV (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual version 4, or DSM-4) as a useful psychology tool.

The psychology tools found here are mostly psychological tests to evaluate patients' state or progress during therapy. If you are not certain which psychological test is appropriate, mentaltests.com provides guides to select a psychology test among the many psychology tests available.

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