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  1. JOIN a prestigious organization where you can grow professionally, improve the quality of your practice and thrive financially.
  2. ACPC will increase your prestige and reputation in your environment and rightfully so. If you qualify you will receive a DIPLOMA certifying that you are a fellow of the AMERICAN COLLEGE OF PSYCHOLOGY CONSULTANTS INC. (ACPC).

    You will be allowed to add this title to your present titles and the logo of the American College of Psychology Consultants Inc. and to use the Board certified designation after your name on your business cards and on your promotional material, vg. C.V.

    View a sample of the Certificate.

  3. You will have online access to the monthly Journal of the ACPC full of articles of interest for your practice (under construction).
  4. You will have the use of the ONLINE CONSULTANT CORNER where you can ask other practitioners for their opinion on specific cases where you would like to get a second opinion (under construction).
  5. Your clients will be able to assess the overall excellence of your care.
  6. You will have the possibility to attend the annual conferences of the College along with special workshop (under construction).
  7. You will have access to over 200 ONLINE MENTAL TESTS where your clients can be tested in your office. You pay for these tests, usually $10.00 to $30.00 depending on the test, and then you bill your client the price you judge appropriate.
  8. For your clients, to be able to take Mental Tests on line from your office is a major plus to you, ie:
    • the results are instantaneous
    • a printed copy of the results can be inserted in the client's file
    • the clients can have a printed copy of the results.
    The results produced online can validate your diagnosis, or, depending on the case, assist you in pursuing other diagnoses. At any rate, the online testing can be of major help for the client and for the practitioner. Should your diagnosis ever be challenged, the confirmation of your diagnosis by an impersonal outside service can greatly assist you.
  9. Online classified offers: free (classified ads) to members if looking for employment, hiring personnel, client referrals, practice for sale, networking, etc (under construction).
  10. When you use Mental Tests Online to diagnose and monitor the evolution of your clients, they will realize how much you care for them and they will be able to assess the overall excellence of your care.
  11. MEMBER'S USE of Mental Tests Online will contribute to direct increase in income. A practioner may increase his or her income by $300.00 and more per week for an annual increase in income of $15,000.00 or more.
  12. There will be no annual fee to maintain your status with the College as long as you maintain an active practice i.e. generating mental tests of $2,000 or more per annum.
  13. The ACPC will increase its members proficiency in the practice of their profession and also increase their annual income.
  14. You will be able to publish on the monthly online Journal of the ACPC as a certified member (future service).
  15. You will be informed of the pertinent Psychological articles from the world journals and you will have access to hundreds of psychology and medical journals online.


Your $100 membership fee may yield $15,000 or more every year, year after year.
  1. Be recognised by an independent and global authority.
  2. Add the title of Member of the ACPC to your resumé, degrees or professional licences.
  3. Be part of a strong group with membership spanning over the world.


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